Who we are?
We are a team of designers, farmers, engineers, that brings agriculture into the city
What we do?
Agricultural design,
irrigation systems
Projects on developing public spaces and offices – micro-farming, permaculture, vertical gardening.
Educational programs & workshops
Interactive classes about plants and how to take care of them. Planting sessions with kinds and their parents.
Local economy,
urban farming
Meetings with local farmers, promoting the practice of growing food, urban farming
Our Projects
Kyiv Farm At Fomin Botanical Garden
Urban Farming. 2017
Within the framework of cooperation with the Kyiv Botanical Garden the site is designed to work with microfarming practices, workshops for kids and a discussion platform on access to land and the profession of modern farmer.
Urban farming. 2017
Practical and educational activity of the site is realized through the following directions:
1. Increasing the access to urban gardening locations
2. Infrastructure development, resource management
3. Distribution of knowledge about modern farming
4. Creation of coordination and financing models

Education. 2017
The idea of the school is to pass on the knowledge of the younger generation how to grow healthy food, to get acquainted with the pleasure of observing and interacting with plants.
Education. 2017
By inviting local and foreign experts from permaculture, microfarming, biology, land access, we have developed a 15-hour course (lectures and practical classes) in two locations in Kyiv.
Agricultural design. 2016
Kyiv Farm started its work in 2016 not far from Premier Palace hotel at the Educational platform 31B1. It is an urban micro-garden and a platform for sharing practices on sustainable agriculture in Kyiv.
Information campaign. 2016
Information campaign with Serhiy Zhadan about soil regeneration, carbon farming, and climate change. Within the global initiative The Soil Story.
Strategic Goals
Network of Young Agrarians
Build a network of young professionals in sustainable agriculture to stimulate small entrepreneurship and improving climate balance

Food Sovereignty
Development of local economy, popularization of growing food for yourself and your family, strengthen role and capacity of young farmers, seeds exchange.

Community Shared Agriculture
Stimulate demand for young farmers' products. Promote farmers markets, promote community shared farming (CSA)

Questions and Answers for Those Who Care
1. How work in the garden makes us happier?
Soil has natural anti-depressant –microbes called Mycobacterium vaccae. Scientists discovered that microbes has the same influence on neurons as anti-depressant medications. Bacteria simulates production of serration that makes you happier.

Why should you care about soil regeneration?
Healthy soil is full of life. The truth is, it is the largest bio-diverse place on earth. In one spoonful of healthy soil there are more organisms than in the entire humanity on earth. When the network of microorganisms living in earth mobilizes – different types of plants and animals return.

What is carbon farming and why it is important?
Carbon dioxide is the reason for global warming. Carbon farming methods take the excess carbon from atmosphere to the soil which enriches it. Carbon farming means refusal to use pesticides, expanding forests, decreasing harmful substances from plants and adding compost into soil.
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