Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
Planting The Seeds
Interactive, hands-on workshop for English speaking children about plants, gardening and fresh food

«Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not», – Dr. Seuss.

What did you just eat? Do you know where it came from? Do you know how old it is? Do you know how it was made?

Simple questions, which should have simple answers. It is important that we are aware of what we put in our body and the industries we finance by voting with our money every single day. Let's teach our children to be aware of their choices!

Meconomica's Planting Workshop for kids is a great entry point for kids to learn how our food grows and getting them to like their fruits and veggies. They learn with amazement that tomatoes are green at first, radishes are muddy when pulled from the ground and beans first sprout, flower, then produce pods.

Kyiv Farm, 31V1 Pushkinska Street, Kyiv
Using interactive play, kids (along with their parents) see, touch and engage with the wonders of the garden. They learn to recognize plants and watch how butterflies, bees and worms help things grow.

They experience eating fresh, straight off the plant and learn how to recognize herbs by taste and smell. They get dirty playing with the soil, planting their own plant to take home, nurture, watch grow and harvest.

Workshop program:

1. Warm-up kid yoga amongst the plants
2. From seed to harvest – learning about the life cycle of what we eat
3. Scavenger hunt for the secrets of the garden
4. Planting their own plant and getting good and dirty in the process!
5. Snack from the garden
Parents assist their children with the planting, but also get to enjoy great coffee on the premises as well as refreshments and snacks. There are also beautiful potted herbs and plants for sale on site.

For more information, please contact: meconomica.com@gmail.com

Text by Krisztina Meyers
Pictures by Oleksandr Suprunets

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