Ultra SONIC aero farm
Cyber Ponic
Cyber Ponic – home or industrial automated device for growing plants with ultrasonic aero system and control. Invented by a Ukrainian engineer in 2016, currently undergoing testing.
Why Cyber Ponic Is Highly Potential System
for Farming of the Future?
No Soil
Cyber Ponic generates mist enriched with fertilizers that delivers nutrients directly to the roots.
Little water
Only 0.5l of water needed for plants to start growing. It has own condensed water collector system and its growing zone is isolated from the external environment. Water spending is highly depends on plant species.
Little energy
Cyber Ponic uses LED light with with overall power of 30W/h in the time of lighting (of average 12 hours per each day). Growing module of average uses power of only 7W/h
The first aeroponic system targeted on customers without any experience. Cyber Ponic is extremely simplified for end customer, it uses embedded auto-growing programs and allows user to manage workflow via smartphone. The system monitors, records, and analyses every fault or growing problem and immediately generates a solution.
Integrated Ultrasound
Silent ultrasonic mist generator instead of noisy high pressure pumps. The system uses modified air humidifier technology driven by controller unit and fitted to use liquid nutrients.
Big Data
Data collection and self-learning. While other hi-end growing systems collect data only about water properties, Cyber Ponic also collects data about roots growth, dynamics, and illumines the problem.
Cyber Ponic is the first true aeroponic system which full-featured module could be placed on a desk or windowsill, since it's size is not bigger than 40*60cm (15.7 x 23.6 inches)
Smart lighting system
Cyber Ponic can adjust light spectrum for maximum light absorption by plants.
Market Opportunities
Niche market
1. People leaving in environment with limited water access, energy resources or soil.

2. Post-conflict zones.
Mass Market
Microfarming. Interior design. Healthy life & sport.

1. Residents of big cities
2. HR, CEOs, and administrators of office spaces
3. HORECA (eco-cafes, hotels, fitness centers)
Design and Production
Theoretical justification
Prooved effectivness and efficieny of the proposed method of cultivation
Lighting system
Designed original lighting system
Control and remote managment
Developed original software and hardware controller
First harvest
Designed and tested first prototypes, growing first plants
Fixing technical bugs
Solved most of the initial technical problems, improved quality of materials and characteristics
Neural network
Started the work on learning system based on neural network
Funding Needs
1. Market research
Market segment, research of competitors
Value proposition development

2. Production
Work with industrial designer
Work with biologist
Prototype production

3. Project management
4. Patenting and legal issues

5. Creative development

NGO Local Economy
National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy
Department of Environmental Studies
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