Cyber Ponic
The Next Generation of Growing
Сyber Ponic – is a combination of most advanced developments in the field of soilless cultivation, smart lighting and artificial intelligence in one device, capable of uniting into distributed networks of any scale and configuration to effectively solve the most ambitious agro-economic tasks.
Succes Formula
Ultrasonic aeroponics + adaptive LED Lightning + intelligent system of automatic growth = maximum efficiency + minimal costs
Ultrasonic Aeroponics
Ultrasonic Aeroponics, or ultraponics is the most progressive irrigation system, in which roots of plants can suck out mineral solution from fog. Fog is made with 10-50 micrometre drops. That size is perfect for roots, which allow plant to grow as fast as possible.
Adjusting fog setting remotely by distance
Fog is circulating all the time in the area of roots growth. System allows to control programs and setting of the fog remotely, using internet.
Sterilization of mineral solution
Simultaneously, during high periodicity of fog generation, fog becomes sterilized. It helps avoid root diseases and pathogenic microorganisms.
Total absorption and minimization of looses
Thanks to re-circulation system, mineral solution can be fully absorbed, what minimizes looses of water and fertilisation for 90 to 95% according to other ways of irrigation.
Condensation prevention system
Main work of mineral solution absorption, is made by microscopic root hairs which slightly breaks off when drops of water are flowing down in commonly used aero-hydroponics systems. Root hairs increases useful suction surface for 20 times! Our system automatically keeps that concentration of nutritional fog, in which it do not settles with its drops on the root, but is fully absorbed through root hairs. Thanks to that root system remains always functional and gives maximum results! In addition to that, it allows to avoid rotting, what is the common problem of aero-hydroponics.
Autogrowth System
Every Cyber Ponic device can automatically keep settings of growth and can monitor state of plants, exchanging data and passing information about problems. If you wish, you can transfer control to SmartGrower system, which will choose the best growth program and it will softly adapt it, watching to plants reactions.
Smart Grower – cloud-based self-taught system
Information from all devices connected to the network, goes to cloud, where self-taught network analyses it and finds most effective combinations. Received programs are loaded back the devices and used in the process of cultivation. During this, reports are send again to be processed in the network. Perfect settings of cultivation for every plant are developing by this cyclic process.
Plant condition analysis system
Condition analysis is build on the "Red barrier" phenomenon – fast reinforcement of light reflection in infrared light spectrum in borders of 680-730 nanometres. If plant feels stress, it is starving or is getting sick, light reflection in this part of spectrum is getting low, what is demonstrated by the sensors. Visual state of leaves is analysed by cameras and is compared with when they were healthy. If something is going wrong, system gives proper signal and setting are being changed.
Biomass growth control system
Using the sensors it shows density of biomass and it compares it to previous results. Thanks to that it calculates speed of growth for specified time, and SmartGrower system finds settings in which this speed is the highest.
Full control of parameters
In base picking parameters which are controlled are temperature in root zone, air humidity, pH. ES and temperature of mineral solution. Degree of illumination and content of CO2 are optional. There is also available remote monitor in visible and infrared light spectrum. Amount of sensors can be freely modified.
Adaptive LED Lighting
Our system keeps an eye all the time, analyses absorption of light by the plant and changing light in way that it can obtain maximum efficiency. It explains maximum growth of each plant in specific conditions.
Intelligent LED
Not every light is just as good for plants. Different plants react different in different light spectrum, thanks to some aspects like phenotype, growth pattern, conditions, feeding, health, etc. Choosing perfect light spectrum for each case is quite difficult. But we know how to do it! Our system keeps an eye all the time, analyses absorption of light by the plant and changing light in way that it can obtain maximum efficiency. It explains maximum growth of each plant in specific conditions.
Advantages of Cyber Ponic devices
Remote control
Full process control
Connecting in larger farms, also scattered
Sharing of information and recipes
Possibility for changing parameters according to specific type of plant
Advantages of aeroponics
Basis is irrelevant
Economic use of water and electricity
Highest speed of growth and fertilization
Instant correction of plant condition
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