Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.

Kids & Veggies School
Kids gardening workshops in the very heart of Kyiv
We designed this course to give kids the joy of watching and taking care of plants,
to share with them knowledge and skills of growing and eating healthy food.

Workshop 1. Plant life cycle
What do plants need to grow? Plants that you can and cannot eat.
Workshop 2. Role of bugs. Bees
Symbiosis of plants and bugs. Building your own clay hive for bees.
Workshop 3. Everything you want to know about worms
Healthy soil. What role worms play in soil?
Workshop 4. Collecting harvest. Kids Party
Collect harvest. Harvest celebration party for kids and parents.
Where do workshops take place?

Kyiv Farm – seasonal micro-farm in the downtown of Kyiv. Established by urban farmers and funded by over 100 people in 2016 through crowdfunding. Kyiv Farm is here to show how to grow food, why it is important to support local farmers, and how we can help plants realise their rights in the city.
Why should you join us
already this summer?
Workshops develop knowldge on gardening, team work, confidence, and responsibility.
Small groups
Two age groups: junior 4-7 years old; middle 8-11 years old. Number of students in a group 6-10.
Healthy snack and lemonade
We treat with tasty snacks of seasonal vegetables from the Farm and fresh lemonade.
Learning by doing
Kids learn about life of plants and bugs by working with soil, seeds, fruits, and vegetables.
Parents participation
Weekend workshop involve parents in some activities. Though during the week parents' participation is optional.
We use interactive format with quests, practical work, garden yoga. Our educators speak English, Ukrainian, and Russian.
Organizers and partners
The school is designed and organized by urban microfarm Kyiv Farm
Contact us
+380 93 151 64 71

Kyiv Farm at Education Platform 31B1
31B1 Pushkinska Street, Kyiv
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