Social Innovations.
Design for Sustainability

I am Oleksandr Suprunets from Kyiv (Ukraine). My main expertise is product management, digital communications, and social innovations.
Organizations I worked with
Pact Inc, Goethe Institute, Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, National Endowment for Democracy, GIZ, USAID, Polish Institute, Adam Mickiewicz Institute, British Council, French Institute, Provid BBDO, Adam Smith Advertising, Pivdennyi Bank, Egoisty, Korrespondent, Focus, Bigmir.net, Yellowstone National Park, Cavalia, Camp Emerson
Education and personal development
LEAP, Sweden Institute, Stockholm Resilience Center, 2017
Organic Business, Ukraine, 2015
Design for Sustainability, Gaia Education, Italy, 2015
Integral Yoga Course, Agama Yoga School, Thailand, 2014
Master of Science in Marketing, Inter-regional Academy of Personnel Management, Ukraine 2008
Countries I have been to
Sweden, Estonia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Ecuador, Peru, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Israel, USA, Canada, Russia, Belorus, England, Italy
Connect With Me
+380 93 151 64 71
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