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Urban Farming in Ukraine

We are a non-governmental organization «Local Economy», established in 2015. We turn public and private spaces into edible micro-farms and presentation gardens, promote the right of every citizen of Ukraine to access to land, take part in the development of favorable policies for modern farming in Ukraine.
We establish microgardens in urban environment to maximize plant growth using the benefits of density indoors and microclimates outdoors.
Civic Education
We expand edible urban gardens in Ukraine through education programs – annual Urban Farming Course and summer school for kids.
We cooperate with city authorities on programs to support urban gardening, food sovereignty and local farmers.
Our Projects
ADVOCACY. 2018 – 2019
The Food Strategy of Kyiv
Together with NGOs and the Department of Industry and Enterprise Development of Kyiv is planned to develop and approve the The Food Strategy of Kyiv. The Food Strategy will focus on the acquisition of healthy, fresh products, their safety, supporting urban farming, environmental education of citizens, as well as social entrepreneurship in food sector.
URBAN GARDENING. 2017 – 2018
Kyiv Farm in Kyiv Botanical Garden after Fomin
Within the framework of cooperation with the Kyiv Botanical Garden the site is designed to work with microfarming practices, for workshops for kids and to be discussion platform on access to land and the profession of modern farmer.
URBAN GARDENING. 2016 – 2018
Kyiv Farm
on Pushkinska Street
Kyiv Farm started its work in 2016 not far from Besarabska square at the terraсe of Educational station 31V1. Practical and educational activity of Kyiv Farm is realized through increasing the access to urban gardening locations and distribution of knowledge about modern farming.
In 2018 we organized Urban Farming Course for 33 finalists from 6 cities of Ukraine, which helped to create 6 new edible urban gardens – in kindergarten, school with special needs, university, public park, cultural center and a backyard garden in downtown of Kyiv.
Cyber Ponic is an idoor microfarm on ultraponics technology that combines a growing device and a platform for experimentation and collaboration with the ability to share data, remotely manage and integrate into a virtual distributed farm.
The idea of the school is to pass on the knowledge of the younger generation how to grow healthy food, to get acquainted with the pleasure of observing and interacting with plants.
ACCESS TO LAND. 2017 – 2018
How to Get Land for Free in Ukraine?
A series of practical lectures about free land privatization in Ukraine. Activities are conducted on a regular basis – please check Courses and lectures.
How to Create Urban Garden?
By inviting local and foreign experts from permaculture, microfarming, biology, land access, we have developed a 15-hour course (lectures and practical classes).
The Soil Story
Information campaign with Serhiy Zhadan about soil regeneration, carbon farming, and climate change. Within the global initiative The Soil Story.
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